Opinion Survey: How do Syrians See the Temporary Protection System After Ten Years of Displacement in Turkey?

CMEPS-J Report No. 57 (November 8, 2021)


Survey’s Purpose

The main goal of this survey is to measure the level of satisfaction among Syrians living in Turkey under Temporary Protection in comparison to the Geneva Convention, UNHCR’s Temporary Protection, and EU’s Temporary Protection rights and regulations.

Survey’s Timeline

    • June 2021: Questionnaire design
    • July 2021: Deploy the Questionnaire to Kobo Toolbox
    • August 2021: Pretest Questionnaire Conducted
    • October 2021 through November: Data collection
    • November 2021: Data analysis and report writing

Survey’s Methodology and Sampling

As the survey targets the Syrians living in Turkey under Temporary Protection, and due to the current travel and movement restrictions, the study was conducted online using Kobo Toolbox. It is worth highlighting that the survey was conducted in Arabic, and the participants were reached via online platforms.

The snowball method was applied in this survey, starting with randomly selecting 60 participants from 10 Facebook groups managed by Syrians in Turkey, and deal with issues related to the legal status and other relevant daily issues.

The planned sample size was (n = 384) based on the population size (Syrians in Turkey) N = 3700000 at a confidence level of 95% and confidence interval=5 However, extra surveys were collected in case there were any invalid entries, thus, the valid surveys are (n = 396)

The sampling process was done as follows:

    • Ten Facebook groups were targeted, representing the different regions of Turkey (two groups for the Marmara region, two groups for the Mediterranean region, two Groups for the Southeastern Anatolia region, one Group for the Central Anatolia region, one Group for the Aegean region, one Group for the Black Sea region, and one Group for the Eastern Anatolia region).
    • Six potential participants were randomly selected from each group—three male names and three female names.
    • Following that, the initial participants who agreed to take the survey were asked to make referrals to at least five other participants. It is worth mentioning that the snowballs have stopped on various occasions (female participants mainly). Consequently, new initial participants were appointed.

Participants’ Profile (n:396)

Participants’ Perceptions:


What do you think about the following sentences regarding the temporary protection system in Turkey?

      • Strongly Agree= 4
      • Agree= 3
      • I do not know= 0
      • Disagree= 2
      • Strongly Disagree= 1

Terms and Concepts in Use