Relation between Political Attitudes and Political Regimes in the Middle East / 世論調査による中東諸国民の政治意識と政治体制の相互連関の解明

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) 23310173 (2011-2013) / 平成23年〜25年度科学研究費補助金(基盤研究(B) 23310173)

Summary / 研究概要

This study aims to clarify the relationships between political elites and the people of the subject countries and also the factors in their political stabilization and destabilization as well as identifying the way how such domestic affairs and diplomatic policies are coordinated with each other. For the purposes, the research project team analyzes the political attitudes of the people that respective governments pay close attention to in their determining the political dynamics of the Middle East region. The political attitudes of the people seem to be restructured in their political dynamics in recent years.

(1) The political mental maps were drawn respectively by analyzing the survey data in Iraq, Israel and Palestine, then their true pictures were found in the maps.

(2) Analyses of their political party support successfully leaded to a research subject answering the question of “Why did the consequences of political turmoil differ between Egypt and Syria?”

(3) Regarding a study on transboundary movement, a progress of the revision in the prevailing theory has been made through an analyzing survey data on Lebanon.

Source: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Databese







Members / 研究構成員

Principal Investigator / 研究代表者

Co-Investigators / 研究分担者

  • Hiroyuki AOYAMA (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) / 青山弘之(東京外国語大学総合国際学研究院准教授)
  • Dai YAMAO (Kyushu University) / 山尾大(九州大学大学院比較社会文化研究院専任講師)

Research Collaborators / 研究協力者

  • Yutaka TAKAOA (Middle East Institute of Japan) / 髙岡豊(財団法人中東調査会研究員)
  • Masaki MIZOBUCHI (Japan Forum on International Relations) / 溝渕正季(公益財団法人日本国際フォーラム主任研究員/研究室長)

Associate Investigators / 連携協力者

  • Aiko NISHIKIDA (Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) / 錦田愛子(東京外国語大学・アジア・アフリカ言語文化研究所・助教)
  • Akiko YOSHIOKA (Japanese Institute of Middle Eastern Economies, Institute of Energy Economies) / 吉岡明子(日本エネルギー経済研究所中東研究センター)

Other Collaborating Institutions and Researchers / そのほかの機関・研究者

Outcomes / 研究成果

Meetings / 研究会合

First Meeting / 第1回研究会合

  • Date / 開催日 : May 21, 2011 / 2011年5月21日
  • Place / 会場 : Kyoto University / 京都大学
  • Proceedings / 議事 :  Shingo HAMANAKA, “Keynote Report and Research Plan”  / 浜中新吾「基調報告および今後の計画」


  • Date / 開催日 : March 7, 2012 / 2012年3月7日
  • Place / 会場 :  Hongo Satellite, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
  • Proceedings / 議事:Report on completion of “the Opinion Survey in Israel (2011)” / 「イスラエル世論調査(2011)」実施完了報告

22nd World Congress of International Political Science Association


  • Date / 開催日 : October 6, 2012 / 2012年10月6日
  • Place / 会場 :  New Campus (Ito), Kyushu University
  • Proceedings / 議事 : Dai YAMAO and Shingo HAMANAKA, “Struction of Support to Political Parties and its Transformation in Iraq” / 山尾大・浜中新吾「イラクにおける政党支持構造とその変容」


  • Date / 開催日 : March 2, 2013 / 2013年3月2日
  • Place / 会場 : Tokyo Office, Kyoto University
  • 報告 : Report on completion of “Simultaneous Opinion Surveys in Palestine and Lebanon (2012)” and progress report on “Opinion Survey in Egypt (2013)” / 「パレスチナ・レバノン同時世論調査(2012)」実施完了報告 「エジプト世論調査(2013)」実施進捗状況報告


  • Date / 開催日 : July 20, 2013 /  2013年7月20日
  • Place / 会場 : Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo
  • Proceedings / 議事 :  Shingo HAMANAKA “Under the Shade of “Arab Revolution” / 浜中新吾「アラブ革命の陰で」

The 23nd World Congress of International Political Science Association

Updated in April 2011 / 2011年4月更新