World Order from the People’s Perspective in the Middle East: A New Approach of the Political Mental Map / 中東諸国民の国際秩序観:政治的認知地図を通じたアプローチ


Summary / 研究概要

It is meaningful in terms of both academic achievements and the understanding of international affairs to understand how the Arab citizens involved in conflicts have been viewing the global order in the region. “The Arab Spring” had been originally supposed to promote “Democratization,” brought about the social disorder and tremendous conflicts in some countries in the Middle East. This study makes it a goal to find an answer to the following two questions through the implementation and the analyses of a public opinion surveys: (1) How do the people in the Middle East recognize the regional international politics and what kind of the balance of power do they look for?; and (2) How does the general public understand political parties and forces in respective countries? All in all, this study aims to “draw up political mental maps and understand the political consciousness of the peoples in the Middle East” and to clearly describe and interpret the structures and dynamics of international politics. Furthermore, the project would make an interpretation about Islamic political movements.




Principal Investigator / 研究総括者

Co-Investigators / 研究分担者

  • Hiroyuki AOYAMA (Professor, Institute of Global Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) / 青山弘之(東京外国語大学総合国際学研究院教授)
  • Yutaka TAKAOKA (Chief Research Fellow, Middle East Institute of Japan) / 髙岡豊(財団法人中東調査会上席研究員)

Outcomes / 研究成果

Meetings / 研究会合

First Meeting / 第1回研究会合

  • Date / 開催日 : October 27, 2017 / 2017年10月27日
  • Place / 会場 : Ryukoku University / 龍谷大学
  • Proceedings / 議事:Shingo HAMANAKA, “Keynote Report and Research Plan”  / 浜中新吾「基調報告および今後の計画」

Updated in April 2017 / 2017年4月更新