General Research on Cross-Border Migrations Related to Conflicts in the Middle East / 中東の紛争地に関係する越境移動の総合的研究:移民・難民と潜入者の移動に着目して

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) 16H03307 (2012-2014) / 平成24年〜26年度科学研究費補助金(基盤研究(B) 16H03307)

Summary / 研究概要

This study, with regard to the cross-border movements being witnessed resulting from conflicts in Syria and Iraq, intends to elucidate how “immigrants and refugees” who travel around and “infiltrators” who try to join Islamic extremists or like form their political perception, what sort of motivations and situation assessments they have based on which they travel around, and how they determine their final destinations and transit points. For attaining this purpose, the true answers to these questions will be pursued by particularly focusing on the attributes (age, sex, hometown, economic strata, etc.) of social groups that the immigrants/refugees and infiltrators belong to. The analyses are to be done including with both of those immigrants/refugees flowing out of an area of conflict and those flowing into it. With such analyses, the types of factors that determine the direction they head in, the relationships between the behaviors of conflicts and the movement of people, the impacts on the international community made by regional conflicts and other matters are going to be revealed in a comprehensive manner.



Members / 研究構成員

Principal Investigator / 研究代表者

  • Yutaka TAKAOKA (Chief Research Fellow, Middle East Institute of Japan) / 髙岡豊(公益財団法人中東調査会上席研究員)

Co-Investigators / 研究分担者

  • Shingo HAMANAKA (Professor, Faculty of Law, Ryukoku University)  / 浜中新吾 (龍谷大学法学部教授)
  • Dai YAMAO (Associate Professor, Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies, Kyushu University) / 山尾大(九州大学大学院比較社会文化研究院准教授)
  • Kohei IMAI (Researcher, Area Studies Center, Institute of Developing Economic–JETRO) / 今井宏平(日本貿易振興機構アジア経済研究所地域研究センター研究員)

Outcomes / 研究成果

Updated in April 2016 / 2016年4月更新